Lao Statistics Bureau (LBS) is the hub in Lao PDR's statistical work by using, producing and coordinating all official statistics.


  • The Lao Statistics Bureau has task in collecting, compiling, processing, analyzing and reporting official statistics on socio-economic situation within the country in difference period of time. It is a center of socio-economic statistics supplying to all organizations of the party, government, various sectors, local and others for doing research in policies, controlling social-economy, setting up socio-economic development plans and analyzing specific issues.

  • The Lao Statistics Bureau is the center for cooperation among various agencies responsible for statistics in different sectors and locals in order to make the control of the national statistical system become a unity with good quality. Moreover, the Lao Statistics Bureau is also the central point for the providing technical advice on data collection, surveys, and supplying socio-economic data to all other parties.


Lao Statistics Bureau is the main producer of official statistics and the national coordinating unit for all official statistics in Lao PDR. We are conducting a program of annual and quarterly surveys that provides information about the economic and socio-economic situation of the country. This information is supplemented by sector data collected from line ministries and provinces.


We conduct ad hoc surveys on commission for other organizations. We also provide technical advice on all aspects of survey design to other Government offices.